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India’s Corn, “bhutta”

It was only until very recently that I realized that I have not eaten the “bhutta” (roasted and spiced Indian corn on the cob) in years. It so happened that the local vendor brought us this surprising treat yesterday, the “Indian corn” rather than the “sweet corn”. I sometimes think of the local vendor similar to room service, that’s another story for another day. We are talking corn, so, although corn or maize does not have its origins in India, the Indian that has lived for the last two decades will agree that “bhutta” is not quite like the sweet corn that is available all over the place today. It is a little less sweet and a completely different experience. The push cart parked at the street corner, the fanning of burning coals, the sound of the crackling kernels of corn and off course the “bhuttawallah”, the maker in question. Moreover, what made the “bhutta” sought after was definitely the “topping”. A wedge of lime dipped in a mixture of chilli powder and salt, rubbed on the corn. The “bhuttawallah” asks you how you wanted your corn and depending on your ability to with stand the sharp tingling of the lime, salt and chilli mixture on your lips he would apply a few coats. It was then put on one of the leaves that surround the corn that served as your plate and eaten off the cob, with your hands. And we paid such a meager amount for this treat.


Back to the part of possessing the “Indian corn”. I had a friend over today and decided to share it with her. I’m in my kitchen roasting the corn and as the aroma permeated the house the stories began.How we couldn’t wait to bite into the freshly roasted corn and burned our lips, the chilli and lime kick that we said was too hot, but again, couldn’t resist. We told stories of the old days and the simple happy times spent. I like that stories that come from such little things. All in all, it turned out as a perfect little treat on a monsoon depressed day.

Do try the lime, salt and chilli mixture on any kind of roasted corn and let me know what you think.


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