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Lunch at 20 Feet High

Today’s lunch was at 20 feet high. It was my first time there. On entering the restaurant the first thing that caught my attention was that it was an open air deck set up.We (my friend and I) asked for a table by the side that overlooks Church Street.


View from our table

It was pretty, something like an elevated street side café. It’s not really 20 feet high but sits on the first floor of the Amoeba complex on Church Street. We got down to the food and none in the mood of making any choices settled for their “Italian high power lunches” available during the week. They have these American and French styled as well. We tried both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian spread. The five course menu featured a Zuppa (soup), Avviamento (starter), Secondo Piatto (Mains), Dolce (dessert) and an iced tea. This is what the menu looked like and this is how it faired with us.

DSC01695 DSC01698 DSC01701 DSC01703 DSC01705

The Italian vegetarian high power lunch had by my friend was graded average on the whole.

The menu consisted of Minestrone Ala Verde or a classical Italian minestrone soup with pasta, Calzoni de vegetale, tiny calzones and Lasagne Di florentine or stuffed lasagne with napolitaine sauce.Nice but quite average.

This was my menu.

Zuppa Di Fruitti Di Mare Zafferano i.e. Seafood saffron soup. Nicely made, with mostly bits of prawn. It could have done better. It actually needed a better hint of saffron.

Pollo Supremo Di Parmagiana i.e. Parmesan chicken supremes with tomato and basil. A very dull tasting dish. The sauce that accompanied the dish saved it.

Petite Pollo Ala Spaghetti or the grilled roulade of chicken with tossed spaghetti. This was the best dish of the lunch. Nicely made. It was rather good and I shared some with my friend.

For Dolce or Dessert, we ordered a crème brulee and a Mississippi mud pie. Both were okay, but something was missing. Not the best mud pie I’ve had. The crème brulee was nice. I tested the brulee and the sugar crust did crack!

In conclusion, one should always order of the menu than settle for the “lunches”. We all know that, don’t we? The vegetarian food was average but the non-vegetarian food did better. On the whole it was nice. Yes, I keep saying nice. It did not get past the nice. None of what we had made me go “that was lip smacking delicious” or “I want more of that”. No. The staff were very friendly and make you feel welcome. They serve bits of French, Italian, Greek, Mexican and American food. So, if you want salads on the likes of Caesar or Nicoise, Soups like the Hungarian Goulash or sea food gumbo, steaks, all sorts of grilled meat and seafood, pastas and the hamburger, give it a try. Worth a visit, the outdoor seating is very nice and the food quite alright.


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