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Bombay Chowpatty Kulfi in Bangalore

Do you remember the days when our cafeterias at school were called Tuck shops? The days in which these Tuck shops sold Kulfi on a stick wrapped in something like baking paper? I am talking about the ones with no name, no brand. Do they sell them at our schools anymore? I still remember how that Kulfi tasted, cold break time treats. Then there was my mother’s version of Kulfi, made from Milkmaid. We called Condensed milk, Milkmaid, which off course was the name of the brand, and the recipe came from the back of the tin. None of these exist in my life today, but, the Kulfi does feature occasionally.

Anjeer Kulfi from Bombay Chowpaty Kulfi

Anjeer Kulfi from Bombay Chowpaty Kulfi

The Kulfi is an Indianised Ice Cream that is made from simmering milk for hours. The name I gather comes from a Persian word qulfi, meaning a covered cup. This simmered gluey liquid is cooled and then poured into conical moulds and frozen, making it into a dense and creamy frozen dessert. The Kulfi that I am going to tell you about today is the Bombay Chowpaty Kulfi. I however am not writing from Mumbai or about the actual Kulfi at a Chowpatty (beach) in Mumbai but about the Bombay Chowpaty Kulfi, a tiny little shop on M.M. Road in Frazer town that sells the “Bombay Chowpatty Kulfi” .The Kulfi here is very organic and homemade. They look different from the regular conical shaped ones and come as flat discs. You also get them on a stick (only in Malai kind) and in a Matka (again only the Malai one).Of their humble list this is what I recommend. The Anjeer (fig) Kufli.It is the best of the lot! With the summer creeping in, I would suggest that you stop by this place for an Anjeer Kulfi.Definately worth a try. Amongst the rest of their Kulfi’s you should try the fruit based one’s like the custard apple and guava but give the Malai ones a miss.

Guava Kulfi from Bombay Chowpaty Kulfi

Guava Kulfi from Bombay Chowpaty Kulfi

The reason why I tell you about this place is because the Kulfi they make is quiet unlike the ones we get around town. Also, isn’t it interesting to travel to these tiny little places in some part of the city just for a bite? That’s exactly what Bombay Chowpaty Kulfi is about.

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