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Visit the Toscano Deli Shop and make way for Gourmet at home!

Toscano Deli Shop

Toscano Deli Shop

Have you wanted gourmet food at home? Let’s leave the gourmet looking meal aside, that’s another form of art, but you know the restauranty gourmet tasting food, the one that’s pretty hard to pull off. Fret no more, I present to you the Toscano Deli Shop that guarantees to help you make gourmet food at home. We all know of Toscano, that beautiful restaurant that serves beautiful Italian food. I’ve been a fan of Toscano for a long time, the food, the ambience, the signature green colored furniture, all of it; it is rather one of my favorite restaurants in Bangalore. Their Deli Shop has been something that I have wanted to try for some time and finally got around to doing it. The Toscano Deli is found at the restaurant in UB City and Forum Mall, Whitefield.I like the idea of a shop at a restaurant and I visited the one at UB city. Greeted by a polite member of staff , I was shown the menu and what a beautiful sight it was.(The Deli at UB City seems to be under some re decorating, yet the menu is simply Fab)Pesto butter, sun dried tomatoes , chicken marinated in BBQ  sauce, chicken marinated in pesto sauce, roasted potatoes,parma ham, smoked salmon , muffins, fresh bread, cakes and the list goes on. See more of it here Resisting the urge to splurge I stuck to portions for two. Almost instantly, I asked for the irresistible, fresh bread and Toscano’s Pesto butter. Along with it I bought Basil pesto marinated chicken and smoked ham. The chicken is freshly marinated to your order. If you have any doubts about the food, ask questions,what is available, how long you can keep, how to cook it, etc.etc and you will be elegantly guided through it.My gourmet brunch for two was sorted.

Bread from Toscano Deli Shop

Bread from Toscano Deli Shop

Here’s the “spread” fresh bread slathered with basil pesto butter, a pile of basil pesto chicken and smoked ham with scrambled eggs and toast, courtesy the Toscano Deli Shop! It was as simple as ABC. Warm the bread, slice and cover with Pesto butter. Chop the chicken breast or cook as a whole fillet and roast in a heavy bottomed pan.I must say this,the chicken was seasoned to perfection and cooked within no time.

Pesto Chicken, Bread with Basil pesto butter - credits to Toscano Deli Shop

Pesto Chicken, Bread with Basil pesto butter – credits to Toscano Deli Shop

Then, scramble eggs and serve with smoked salmon and toast. If you have not tried this as yet, you must! Smoked Salmon with scrambled eggs and toast is quite a combination. Well, there it is a simple yet restauranty gourmet summer brunch with the aura of Toscano.

Smoked salmon, toast & eggs - Credits to Toscano Deli Shop

Smoked salmon, toast & eggs – Credits to Toscano Deli Shop

Do not miss the Toscano Deli Shop. Freshly baked breads,pesto,pasta,pastries,ham,sauces and even freshly marinated meat, they’ve got all that more! If  you are worried about shelf life and all, I would suggest that you buy just the amount you are going to cook. What the Deli makes available is good quality food and a cheats way to make your own delicious gourmet food.

2 comments on “Visit the Toscano Deli Shop and make way for Gourmet at home!

  1. dreamzandclouds
    March 30, 2015

    looks so yumm!

    • Flora
      March 31, 2015

      Thanks ! They taste yumm too 🙂

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