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Third wave of coffee in Bangalore – The Flying Squirrel

I refuse to drink a bad coffee. In my book, you cannot and you must not make do with a mediocre coffee. The argument is that this commodity is exquisitely beautiful and agreeing to drink a bad version is sacrilege.Well, if you do choose to drink a sub standard coffee, I can only tell you that you are forgoing heavenly moments in this existence on Earth.

Artisan Coffee by The Flying Squirrel

Artisan Coffee by The Flying Squirrel

Speaking about heavenly moments, I’m here to introduce you to “The Flying Squirrel” a coffee that will take your brew to such a state. First of all, what a nice name! And then, there’s the coffee.Oh so beautiful. The Flying Squirrel is an artisan coffee. So, what is artisan coffee? It’s like making wine; just that here it is about the bean whose flavours translate in the brew. The process of making artisan coffee involves much thought and precision from growing the plant, harvesting the berries, drying, roasting and brewing. I always love a good story and their description of their coffee plantations at “wooded forests” and “banana plantations” and near “spice patches”, and all these lending to a ‘distinct” flavour to the brewed coffee. Oh so enchanting. I am truly at a loss for words.

I am one of those people who want to be left alone with my coffee in the morning. No talking, just me and my coffee. I tell you, The Flying Squirrel aided in making my coffee drinking moments ever so blissful. I read about The Flying Squirrel before I tasted their coffee and just thinking about the story behind the coffee while drinking it made it so dreamy. The flavours are rich and rounded. The Flying Squirrel has six coffees, of which I have tasted the “Parama” and “Sunkissed”, both really delicious. Please invite me to your estate…Please let me watch it’s making. The coffee estates in Coorg are an experience that must not be missed. I am at a risk of getting lost in this coffee state of mind but back to The Flying Squirrel. The coffee being a result of this labour of love is only available for purchase at their website ( Read about it and give in to this please, it’s worth every buck. While you contemplate doing that I’m off to re live my morning brew.

2 comments on “Third wave of coffee in Bangalore – The Flying Squirrel

  1. Madhu
    March 9, 2015

    Agree wholly with your sentiments about coffee 🙂 Hadn’t heard of Flying Squirrel before. Shall check it out on my next visit.

    • Flora
      March 10, 2015

      If that’s the case then you must try it, Madhu! All you need to do is go to their website and order online..:)

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