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Pork Spice Sausages from The Bangalore Ham Shop

Pork Spice Sausages from The Bangalore Ham Shop

Pork Spice Sausages from The Bangalore Ham Shop

Are you looking for great pork sausages? I am talking about sausages that are really great, the one’s when you take the first bite you go mmmmm. If you are, then you must get the mmmmm so great pork spice sausages from The Bangalore Ham Shop. The Bangalore Ham Shop is pretty awesome because they sell pretty awesome pork in all its forms. Still in that tiny little nook beside a staircase on MG road, the place oozes with confidence. You know when you walk into some places, there’s no fuss and they know they’re good? That’s the Bangalore Ham shop for you. I guess one would feel that way if business has been around since the 1920’s and they’re still going strong. About their mmmmm so great Pork spice sausages, say it with me, “pork spice sausages”. Sounds good doesn’t it. These are sausages made from pork meat and spiced with pepper, cardamom and nutmeg. After you have bought them you simply need to follow the instruction on the package and cook them as they tell you to. Cooking them is so easy. I especially love the bit of piercing them and watching the fat ooze out. Weird pleasures I know. The end result is delicious rich, smokey, muted spicy mmmmm so great sausage. Go get yourself some of these; these pork sausages are one of the best you will find in Bangalore.

THE BANGALORE HAM SHOP ( Just before the turning that leads you onto church street, near Paresh Lamba signatures)

No. 106, MG Road, Bangalore – 1

2 comments on “Pork Spice Sausages from The Bangalore Ham Shop

  1. Alick
    November 10, 2015

    I know this shop and LOVE it and the way he cuts the meat its awesome

    • Flora
      November 24, 2015

      I’m a fan too 🙂

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