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Gondhoraj Bekti at Oh! Calcutta

Gondhoraj Bekti at Oh! Calcutta

Oh Calcutta’s cuisine! When I reminisce about Calcuttan food, I think about fish,fish and more fish and then the Luchi,and then the biryani and then of course the Rosagulla.I very recently, about 48 hours ago had an evening of Bengali food and yet salivate at the thought of it.Anyway, all this Bengali gorgeousness can be found but off course at Oh! Calcutta. Now at church street, this elegant little place is sure to please. The wooden chairs and tables ,the sketches of Calcutta on the wall and Oh! on the plates. Before you begin to admire your plate they will be replaced with different one’s (one’s without sketches of Calcutta).So that means it is time to eat.While there are many things to try , there is one that you must try! The BEKTI GONDHORAJ! The Bekti, is a fish, the Barramundi or the Asian seabass (called Bekti or Bhetki in Bengali).The Gondhoraj is a lime that is from Bengal.It’s not the regular lime , just as there is the Kaffir lime or the key Lime we have the Gondhoraj Lebu a particular lime from Bengal.What Oh! Calcutta does with these two ingredients is simply heavenly.The Bekti is steamed in banana leaves and Oh! It’s like laying your weary head in soft pillows of goodness.Therefore, I say it again, if there’s one dish you want to eat at Oh!calcutta let it be the Steamed Bekti with King of Lime / Bekti Gondhoraj.Divine stuff.

Calcutta biryani at Oh! Calcutta

Calcutta biryani at Oh! Calcutta

We Indians have a special place for biryani in our heart’s and waistline.As we know it there are many versions attributed to different cultures.Calcuttan food also has its version of biryani.I suggest you give it a go and what better one than the polished Nawabi dum biryani at Oh!Calcutta.The flavors and spices are great, and those whole potatoes in the middle of the aromatic rice,a special find !Now as you will eat this biryani you will soon realize that it’s rich in ghee, hence make sure you accompany it with a sip of the grasshopper green juice , Aamras made from green mango and spiced and sweet and tart.

Aam Ras

Aam Ras

This will make sure you are able to digest the pretty good portion of Biryani that’s served.While you might begin to feel satisfied and probably even full you cannot depart without having eaten a Bengali sweet.You have a decent amount of variety to choose from.If you need a Misthi Doi its there , or a Malpua its there or the Rosagulla , you have it.This time’s try was the Bhapa Sondesh, date jaggery flavored steamed cottage cheese.Boy, was it fine!

Steamed Bhapa Sondesh at Oh! Calcutta

Steamed Bhapa Sondesh at Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta is a elegant place to eat at.It’s not cheap neither is it way to expensive (1500 for a meal for two).The food is refined and they serve well known Bengali dishes.From the Luchi to the Biryani they have it all.Try the seafood , you can’t go wrong with it. Oh! Calcutta will make you go Ooooh that was different and we should come back for more. A visit to this restaurant is definitely worth it.

P.S. Oh! the Hilsa , steamed and the Ilish, are very good.Do try!


6 comments on “Oh!Calcutta

  1. anindya0909
    December 1, 2014

    great . would love to see moe pictures

    • Flora
      December 2, 2014

      Thanks for stopping by.I’m barely a photographer so this is as far as I go 🙂

  2. Food,Photography & France
    December 1, 2014

    It all sounds wonderful….:)

    • Flora
      December 2, 2014

      Thank you Roger 🙂

  3. Sandhya
    December 4, 2014

    Ooh! It all looks so yummy. Nice pictures!

    • Flora
      December 5, 2014

      Thanks, Sandhya 🙂

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