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Culinary procedure for Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

There are some people in this world who wouldn’t mind toiling over a dish.For the moment ,I’m not one of them.I find delight in fabricating food quickly.Cottage cheese a.k.a Paneer I am able to concoct with much ease and oh the joy it brings! The process of making Paneer is like being in a chemistry lab.Here’s how the culinary procedure goes…

3 Cups milk | 1.5 cups curd

Step 1 : Boil the milk in a broad pan

Step 2 : When the milk begins to boil add the curd & stir.Turn off the heat.

Step 3 : Transfer the curdled milk to a muslin cloth, tie and allow to hang for 30 minutes.Let the whey drain.

While we have numerous Paneer dishes, I like to eat this mild cheese in a salad.Crumble the cheese, add squares of sweet yellow and red pepper, torn lettuce for a little bitterness,halved cherry tomatoes, a sprinkling of salt and pepper and you have a beautiful fresh salad.

Foood Trivia : This simple cheese was believed to have been made in cottages and therefore the name cottage cheese.


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