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Diwali days and Gourmet on the run

Today was a nearly midweek holiday and that of course was because of Diwali.I’m going to give you less spiel about it as I’m guessing you must have heard enough by this time.

In the middle of errands , rain and fireworks I found myself at UB city.There’s the spiffy all around, and nicely tucked into a small square is Amande’ Patisserie.I couldn’t defy the thought of macaroons and shortly began inspecting the sweet treats .Off course you buy macaroons at Amande’s, when that’s done you must continue to survey the rest and buy more.These are the Diwali days, and the week gone by has been filled with all kinds of Diwali sweets and savories.It has been a bit much and i had to show some restraint. Therefore the restrained me bought a tiny box of macaroons and a Tarte aux citron, which I was going to share with a fellow being.

Gourmet desserts on the run from Amande

Gourmet desserts on the run from Amande

Shifting from moi to Amande’ Patisserie.Amande at UB city looks like a pretty little french bakery,I’m saying that although i’ve never really been to a real pretty little french bakery, the macaroons are really light , just as a macaroon should be, saying that although i really might not know what a macaroon tastes like and the Tarte aux citron was citrusy with a buttery crumb ,just like a tarte ought to be.Here’s the thing that struck me.We, lets say Bangaloreans, who have never been to France or say Vietnam have probably never eaten authentic French or Vietnamese food!We beings who are from the land of Jalebi’s and rosagulla’s how do we tell an authentic macaroon.Lets face it, we might not know a legitimate macaroon from a counterfeit.So i began feeling unsettled by these thoughts and I thought some more.There is the other thing, there’s taste, it comes down to good taste and flavours and good consistencies, and that is what makes us enjoy these unfamiliar food.I enjoy macroons from Amande’s, they taste good.

Macaroons from Amande Patisserie

Macaroons from Amande Patisserie

Here’s why you go to Amande’s, it’s good tasting gourmet desserts on the run which will add panache to a drab day.

Tarte Aux Citron from Amande Patisserie

Tarte Aux Citron from Amande Patisserie

Disclaimer: For those without a sweet tooth please give your macaroons some thought before your purchase.For example, the cinnamon one comes in a tad bit to sweet.Even, the Belgian dark chocolate is a bit sweet.I would suggest the hazelnut to you or the Lime & thyme, less sugary and tasty.


2 comments on “Diwali days and Gourmet on the run

  1. Food,Photography & France
    October 24, 2014

    They look very good macarons to me…:)

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