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Virtuous craving for crab meat

Do you blame your food craving on nutritional deficits? Does that make you feel good? “Oh I need potato chips, my body must need salt” or “I need a sugar doughnut, I must be low on glucose”. Well, say it if it makes you feel good, I don’t see no harm, but, we know it’s a myth…Smiley face.

While pondering on cravings while I crave I have decided that food cravings come from our obsessions. I have a mild feeling I read about this sometime ago, however, I have decided. For example, Caffeine obsessions. Wake up in the morning and you’re dying for that cup of coffee. Reason, you are obsessed with it! I know I am. I’m the kind who does not even want to talk until I’ve had my cup of morning brew. So, as I was saying, obsess over something and you land up craving it. My mind has been obsessing over crab meat. The sweet fatty succulent meat of crab. And now its reached a craving. The last I ate crab was a few weeks ago and it happened to be in the form of crab cakes. See the picture below, those were the ones. They were eaten at Sunny’s.

Crab Cakes at Sunny's Bangalore

Crab Cakes at Sunny’s Bangalore

Yummy crab cakes but measly ones. As you have seen, there were just two and off course they came at a heavy price. Bangalore not being coastal I presume could be the reason for this. By the way, have you been to Sunny’s lately? It’s at a lovely place, located on Lavelle road and the bungalow that has been turned into the restaurant is just gorgeous! I especially love the striking massive staircase; we don’t build buildings like this these days. Sad smiley face. This Bungalow is like a piece of art. Owner, whoever you are, I’m envious. The food was good, but I know I will not go back and repeat the same dishes. Maybe the crab cake, but there’s lots to try on their menu. We had the crab cakes, the Imperial sweet and sour fish fillets witha noodle pancake( I would recommend that you try this with the fried rice as the noodle was fried and that makes it a little difficult to eat in a classy way), Glazed ham with orange sauce and mashed potatoes and the Banana Bonaffee for dessert .All of which the crab cakes were the best. But, go there..Take a book, sit at the balcony, eat and read..It’s beautiful.

Glazed ham with orange sauce and mashed potatoes

Glazed ham with orange sauce and mashed potatoes

Imperial sweet and sour fish fillets on with noodle pancake

Imperial sweet and sour fish fillets with a noodle pancake

Banana Bonaffee

Banana Bonaffee

Back to the craving, I need crab cakes and I will have to attend to this desire. It’s about time for dinner, no crab for the moment but it must be found. While we are thinking and talking about crab, I need to introduce you to my aunt’s crab stir fry.It is brilliant.I must do that in this life time and I shall make a genuine effort to do it.


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