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Eat @ Yauatcha this Restaurant Week India

It feels like the universe has been against my love of blogging.I have been eating but then there is the universe which did not help me blog!Anyway i’m still here.

So, it’s Restaurant Week India at which you can eat at some of the finest restaurants for a fraction of the cost.I went to Yauatcha. If you haven’t visited as yet, you should.Its sleek and classy and food is good.Go there to eat the dimsums & the mains but not the desserts.Some how my experience with their desserts has been pretty dull although they do look very pretty.

Here’s the download of what our meal looked like…

Chicken and prawn shui mai

Chicken and prawn shui mai

Shitake mushroom dumpling

Shitake mushroom dumpling

Steamed red snapper in asam sauce

Steamed red snapper in asam sauce

Crispy lamb with raw mango

Crispy lamb with raw mango

Raspberry slice & Jaffa cake

Raspberry slice & Jaffa cake

Starting with the Dim sums off course.We had the Shitake mushroom dumpling and the Chicken and prawn shui mai.Of the two the Chicken and prawn shui mai was perfect.The flavors of the chicken and prawn blended perfectly well, and it was one of those warm satisfying dishes that makes you want more.

For the mains, we had the Steamed red snapper in asam sauce with Steamed jasmine rice and Crispy lamb with raw mango (An RWI special) with Chicken fried rice. The winner of this whole meal was the humble chicken fried rice.I can say that this is the best fried rice i have ever eaten.It was simple, flavorsome and just right.If you want to eat an outstanding chicken fried rice go to Yauatcha!The crispy lamb was very innovative and great as well but slightly sweet for my liking.Another , great dish was the Steamed red snapper in asam sauce.I assure you it works perfectly well on the Indian palette. It’s got the right amount of heat that doesn’t make you miss the spice that we are used to.All in all, good portions and a great main course.

Finally, the dessert.We had the Raspberry slice and Jaffa cake. I’d give them a miss.They looked great but were mediocre.

Yauatcha for me is about great dim sums and mains.But most importantly the chicken fried rice.

Make the best of Restaurant week India, it’s on between Sept 19th and 28th.Read more at


2 comments on “Eat @ Yauatcha this Restaurant Week India

  1. Lindsay
    September 24, 2014

    Your post reminds me of how much I love dim sum! I’ve never tried the chicken and prawn shiu mai, I’ll have to give it a try next time I go.

  2. Fooodpost
    September 25, 2014

    You must Lindsay.It’s very well made.I hope you like it as much as I did.
    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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