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A walk through the foodhall

Don’t you just love walking through aisles of food with no lists, no boundaries, no deadlines.That’s exactly what i did yesterday.I was at the foodhall , just happily strolling around.There were these purchases i made and I have to tell you about them.I’l start with my walk in the bakery.Those pretty baskets , those many kinds of bread, the sights and smell of the bread.Those little notes that say “just arrived” , as if the bakery is talking to you.Love them all.I must have done a few rounds in the bakery until i decided to buy their olive and herb focaccia.

Olive & Herb Focaccia

Olive & Herb Focaccia

Who doesn’t like freshly baked bread with herds, black olives and olive oil.It was irresistible and perfectly delicious.I continued on my tour of the bakery and saw these whimsical looking cupcakes.They looked like they belonged in a fairy tale.Vanilla bean and salted caramel is what i bought.They looked great, sounded great and came with a topping that was way over the top.Still, i liked something about it.Odd, I know.I finally convinced myself that i need to stop hovering about the bakery and left to explore the other sections.I landed at the spice counter.After investigating the overly priced spices and telling myself not to succumb to its beauty I found myself surrounded by fruit and there I laid my eyes up on candied Kiwi.I had to buy it.It was a good buy, however it came at a pretty heavy price.

Candied Kiwi

Candied Kiwi

The foodhall always manages to do this to me.Think you don’t succumb to one pricey thing and in the end you give in to another.I’m still walking and now i’m at the pickle aisle.Hot lime pickle by Sanjeev Kapoor!Cannot be ignored and my oh my, it is good.

Weirdly satisfying purchases

Weirdly satisfying purchases

Yes i made some regular purchases but these were oddly satisfying.


2 comments on “A walk through the foodhall

  1. skd
    August 18, 2014

    I just lovvve the aroma of freshly baked bread. These clever store guys always keep the freshest ones at the farthest end. But I got long hands 😀 , make sure I get the freshest of the lot 😀 Cruel, maybe , but the aroma of fresh bread is irresistible 🙂

    • Fooodpost
      August 18, 2014

      Fresh bread..sigh.The thought of it alone is sooo great. And, So true about the clever store guys. But yeah, i’m always fishing through the stack for the freshest bread.

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