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Lovesome Biryani

Lovesome Biryani

Lovesome Biryani

Biryani is surely a food fit for a king, the people with the other colored blood, the royals, the cream of humanity.Don’ t I sound awful! I believe that mankind, the homo sapiens race are all equal.We have the same needs, food, love, security,success, fun,etc. But you know what i mean , right? This is the kind of food you would serve a special guest or on a special occasion.So we say, however, we eat it all the time.Have you ever given some thought to how most Indians react to biryani.Although its eaten quite often, we still want it and when it arrives we eat like we haven’t eaten it in forever.Gluttony, love it.

So, Why the biryani today? Its Ramazan! I feasted all month long and oh well i am feasting still.Let me tell you how the biryani arrived today.Our dear friends and neighbors are celebrating Ramazan and they share their celebratory food with us.What you see is their flawless mutton (lamb) biryani. Having eaten a fairly large amount and variety of biryani, i can say that this is one among the best.It’s outstanding.Year after year our dear neighbor’s biryani never disappoints and alike this year.Then there are the very important sides.Do you see that curry on the side? A lot of restaurants serve a curry with a biryani but none like this.It’s made with a dal and its got gourd in it.It’s sour and perfectly balances the rich mutton biryani.And lets not forget the part the raitha plays.All members perfectly tied together making a perfect mouthful.After many mouthfuls and a kaleidoscope of flavors the meal was finished off with a subtle saffron milky pud-dingy sweet. Finger & plate licking good.

That was my festive meal for you and what about you? Did you have your biryani today? If you haven’t, please be kind to yourself and treat yourself to one!


2 comments on “Lovesome Biryani

  1. Fig & Quince
    August 2, 2014

    sure do wish I could treat myself to a biryani right now! πŸ˜‰

    • Fooodpost
      August 3, 2014

      Oh you must Azita! I’m sure you will find a biryani somewhere or try to cook it up yourself πŸ™‚

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