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And the fiesta continues

The food fiesta on mosque road continues!Why do we have these only during the month of Ramazan? We should have it more often.Somebody hear me please.It’s so much food.I know, not everything is perfect about it and there are those are things that a hard to stomach, but, there are also those things, food that is completely delicious.And then, there’s the atmosphere, so festive.And then, there’s the craving and thoughts about what’s gonna be out there.I’ve made it a few times to the fiesta and i’m going to tell about this time’s visit.I’m simply happy when i go to these food places.Let me show you some sights…

Appetizing sights

Appetizing sights

More appetizing sights

More appetizing sights

Some other sights

Some other sights

Looking around and thinking about what to buy, I couldn’t get my eyes of the ‘Pathar ka Gosht”.Marinated meat cooked on a granite stone over burning coal.

Pathar Ka gosht

Pathar Ka gosht, this is not the one i bought.It looked beautiful and deserved a click.

Filled with skepticism I went ahead and purchased it.Nothing wrong with the dish, its very good if made well but my experience with it has not been very good.Yes, in-spite of the skepticism, i bought it, but decided to buy the chicken version of it.You know, the bird’s easy to cook, its presumably marinated overnight, it should be good.There we are standing and watching the cook, cook,and one dear man from the adjacent stall hands me a spoonful of phirni and says ” in the mean while please try this madam” I politely refuse. He shoved the spoon in my hand and nodded as if to say, go ahead.So i ate it, I had no plans of phirni because the mother makes a perfectly good one and i had eaten it very recently.Remember my polite refusal and my being coerced into tasting it.I looked at him and said, very nice.And i didn’t buy it.See these are one of the problems.You are forced to taste things you don’t want and then you don’t buy it and then you land up feeling bad.Then, somebody else came to me with another cup of mango juice something and said “here madam, taste this”.I politely refused again.He looked away and put it in my friend’s hand and said “here, you drink this, don’t give her”. I hahahed.Why was everybody so eager to feed me.Well, all this happens here.It’s part of the fiesta.Anyways, my pathar ka gosht was ready by then and the cook, wearing shades to protect his eyes from the smoke handed it over.The mind filled with doubt, i took a bite and guess what, it was brilliant.The meat cooked perfectly, it was tender and it had this powdered cardamomy marinade over it, really well made. I tell you , a lot of great restaurants couldn’t turn out such a lovely dish.

The cardamomy chicken cooked on a stone

The cardamomy chicken cooked on a stone

Then we walk along the stalls, peeking into every dish, asking the cooks what this and what that is and we see a heap of the triangular delight.The samosa.Make a purchase of that and we continue…

Triangular delight

Triangular delight

Next we see haleem, and scummed it too.Funny story, i’m not even a fan of the haleem! But still, i bought it and it wasn’t good.You’ve got to display the lets give it a try attitude and you never know what you stumble upon. I’ve eaten an insane amount of food from here and there’s still a week to go! Oh, i forgot to tell you about the other’s day purchase, it’s a malabar dish, fried banana!Yumm is an understatement! And then there was the “pathiri” , another malabar dish, stack of steamed rice batter, layered with meat, coated with egg and fried.Delicious.I’m going back for more.You, should too! Take a sack load of money though, the prices are pretty steep.Well, fiesta away , walk around and loose yourself to the food.


2 comments on “And the fiesta continues

  1. livecook
    July 22, 2014

    A feast for the senses!

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