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Rain , Chai & Dunking Biscuits

Hot chai & my dunking biscuit

Hot chai & my dunking biscuit

My return home from office over the past few days has been accompanied by rain.The sight from my desk is unlike most parts of Bangalore.My window, the lens, captures a lovely picture.It’s a park.It’s full of trees,i hear the cuckoos coo, i see squirrels scamper and even discovered the crow pheasant, a bird that my eyes have never beheld.This afternoon, the view looked even more beautiful because of the rain.It’s beckoning to be enjoyed.But, amidst the busyness of life,it’s time to go home.And soon the beauty of it all is lost and we’re running out trying to avoid the madness the rains bring to the city.

After making my way through our chaotic roads, I’m home.The warmth, home.Snuggled up in my couch I’m given a hot cup of chai and my favorite dunking biscuits.There some moments of food that never fade.This is one of them.No matter how many times you experience it, it’s just the same.Knowing how it’s going to taste, and that moment,you relish every time.These dunking biscuits are from Fatima bakery.They have the perfect bakery biscuit taste and are rectangular in shape which makes them perfect to dunk.And, they are not fragile,they don’t melt away and disappear in your chai only to become sediment at the bottom of your cup.No, these, you can let linger for a few seconds in your chai and you will have a perfectly dunked biscuit that is just about right to be carried to thy mouth.I crave this moment.It’s odd how such simple moments bring flawless joys.Rain, chai and my dunking biscuits.


3 comments on “Rain , Chai & Dunking Biscuits

  1. When it rains drinking hot tea with biscuit is such pleasing activity

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