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It’s Ramazan

It’s Ramazan! and for the meat lovers its a feast.Well, for those who shy away from the meat don’t despair there’s a new vegan place in Bangalore.Yes “vegan” , the food without the “animal byproduct” even!Phew, how do they do it! Paradigm shift, is the new vegan in town and I happened to go there.So, how did I land up at a vegan? Well, it was work.It had beautiful old furniture , little old trinkets lying on wooden shelves, ancient lanterns (Kerosene with a wick types), the old telephone , plants and craved wooden doors.It’s a terrace turned into a restaurant, with old old styled furniture.As for the food, I’m no vegan, so ain’t gona say much.

Any who, back to Ramazan.It’s Ramazan! Great food.Most Bangaloreans head to mosque road at this time of the year because of the feast that is laid out for everybody, every evening, all through the month.While you visit this part of town do not forget about two things, the first thing – Albert Bakery and the second thing – Shawarma King ( I know, the name sounds questionable). I’m sure you’ve heard of it, if you haven’t you heard it now.

The "puff" from Albert bakery

The “puff” from Albert bakery

Shawarma roll oozing meat from "Shawarma King"

Shawarma roll oozing meat from “Shawarma King”

Let’s spend some time on Albert Bakery.They have been around for some generations.Same old building, same old glass cases and same old food.Even my grandmother brought home their food during the times of my non existence (when I wasn’t even born).Here’s the deal, when you go there this is what you buy, the “puff” which comes in chicken,mutton & brain and the samosa, with meat stuffing.These guys come in miniature sizes too, they look good and taste great.They make them brilliantly and have tasted the same all these years.After you have made your purchase at Albert bakery, walk down the road and right next to lakeview you shall find the second thing, Shawarma king.As the name goes they make Shawarma, and, great ones.They come in beef and chicken, my preference is chicken, i find it way more tender and moist but i know a few who salivate at the thought of the beef shawarma.It seems a Syrian family runs the place,but what i really know is that the food is good.The shawarma rolls are loaded with meat, i mean really loaded.Don’t you just love it when the food is stuffed and packed into a roll and you bite into it and its full of meat!Good foood, this.

I’m off to explore some Ramazan treats.In the mean while, May all your meals be satisfying.


4 comments on “It’s Ramazan

  1. lapetitepaniere
    July 6, 2014

    They look very yummy 🙂

    • Flora
      July 7, 2014

      They taste great too 🙂

  2. derekthezenchef
    July 9, 2014

    Are you using “vegan” to refer to a person who eats no animal products, or a place associated with such people? (E.g. Restaurant)

    • Flora
      July 10, 2014

      Referring to a vegan restaurant Derek 🙂

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