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the fatty bao

Slow cooked apples & Filo pastry slice

Slow cooked apples & Filo pastry slice – Got to give this centre stage

I’m going to give it away right at the start.I’m bao-ed over! To begin with the name is just the best.”the fatty bao”, What!Perfecto! This was the first visit to the recently opened Asian bistro, and we (friend and I) were given a table at the roof top terrace.The teal , the reds, the pretty lights..loved it all.I couldn’t wait to get started and went straight for the Bao! The char sui bao it was, made of BBQ pork belly , hoisin sauce with green apple kimchi.It came on a wooden contraption , the pork glistening beautifully with a thin slice of green apple peaking through.And we had a winner.Very nicely made.The pork was delicious, and the slice of green apple ,what a difference it made!Now we’re hungry for more.

Char Sui bao - pardon the blur

Char Sui bao – pardon the blur

Via malaysia

Via malaysia

This has got to be said.The menu is very interesting.The names,you will sound stylish when you say it, then,the combination of ingredients,the cooking processes mentioned,really makes you wonder, wonder which one you should order..maybe this one..but oh wait, that one sounds better.After a few moments of wondering, I ordered the “via Malaysia”, a bowl of Ramen in a broth of Asian flavours.Brought in a black bowl with a black lid and a coin to tell its got food from the sea.Take away the lid and you see a lovely coconutty broth , beautifully curled up squid, fat prawns, a fillet of fish, all sitting on some ramen with a sprinkling of herbs and soon the lovely aroma of the kaffir lime fills the air around you.Sometimes i feel nothing could be better than a bowl of warm noodley broth .Perfectly seasoned broth, a hint of kaffir lime, the seafood cooked perfectly , a perfect balance of flavours and nothing over powering.And, we had another winner.To the menu again.Time for dessert and again a few moments were spent in wondering until we settled for the slow cooked apples and filo pastry slice with creme mousseline and cinnamon gelati.This was truly made to perfection.The apples, the custard oozing over it, the thinnest filo and the cinnamon gelati laid on a cushion of crusty bits.My compliments to the chef.You’ve got to eat it , it cannot be explained.Its excellent.
The service was great, the ambiance, lovely and whimsical, the the colors so pleasing, pretty pretty lights,the food presented and made so well, everything about this place was so light.Its not your regular food,not your regular restaurant, nothing regular about it.Its just special.


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