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Hot cross buns

Food traditions,I’m not certain if they have meaning, maybe they do maybe they don’t but it sure makes you look forward to something different from your regular meals.It’s simply nice to know that its only during a certain time of the year we eat those foods.And we don’t seem to cook them up otherwise although we are perfectly capable of doing so.I guess that’s the way to keep it special.

Today was election day in Bangalore. We’ve been talking about this for days and it seemed to have occupied the center stage of our conversations.It arrived and we voted!With that sorted it was time to move onto the foood. Food for Good Friday.So i went to Thomsons bakery as we do this time of the year and laid my eyes upon them, hot cross buns.The noise in this little bakery was off course about hot cross buns.All kinds of people and varied voices, all asking for hot cross buns.I waited for a little and then it was my turn to bring these beauties home.We have been doing this forever now.The evening before Good Friday is the time we go to Thomsons.Hot cross buns,I know it might sound cliched but it’s only for this time of the year and for years together they’ve come to our home only from the Thomsons bakery.Many bakeries around us make them but nothing seems to out do the familiar flavor of the Thomsons hot cross buns.It’s got this particular taste, when i think of it i can almost taste it and i sorta recall they way it smells too.It’s one of those foods.Its delicious,minimalistic sweet spiced bun, pale pink flesh, and its spicy aroma.Oh sweet bread.These bready foods ,aren’t they just so great.We’r supposed to eat them tomorrow but as always we get a taste of it on the eve of Good Friday.Our Good Friday breakfasts are a little bit more organised than just tearing into the bun.It will be the sliced, heavily buttered ,lightly toasted and served with a strong dark cup of coffee.Simple stuff.I’m looking forward to it,simple warm fuzzy moments.

The photograph is missing as my camera is acting up and refuses to transfer any photographs.Until that’s sorted!But you can’t stop me from yammering about food!


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