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Experiencing the Masala Dosa


If i had to make a suggestion of one of the must eat Indian foods, it will have to be the Masala dosa. In fact i think i will go as far as saying it is one of the must eat foods on our dear Earth. Think about it. Do you think anybody should live life without tasting a masala dosa? Well, I think not.I can’t imagine a life without the masala dosa. You know what surprises me all the more is that a carnivore like me will vouch for a completely vegetarian food. This is the one vegetarian food that has the power to satisfy. The sizzling noise of the dosa batter being spread on the stone , its mouth watering aroma, the sight of the crispy dosa most often larger than the plate that it sits on, the yellow mashed potato hidden inside, the chutneys , one fiery orange garlic and red chilli spread on the inside and the faint chutney on the side and off course the sweet and tangy sambar that one often drinks as if a soup.Such brilliance. The whole process of getting the right amount of chutney and sambar while still trying to save the crispness of the dosa i love.What a food experience.

This experience i hear has been around since the 5th or the 6th century.Its found its way from the streets of Udupi to plates in cities far far away. What i really like about it is that the masala dosa has remained untouched. You know what i mean.The batter, the ingredients, the same, for so long. You think of other foods, and i think they’ve evolved and sometimes lost their authenticity.Yes, you will find dosas with different fillings but the masala dosa is pretty much the same. For us south Indians although it has become a common affair one does crave the experience more often that not. That’s what made me share this with you.And how can i forget to tell you about the mind numbingly good filter coffee that we drank after the dosa. I think of it and I want another shot of it. Well, that’s a tale better left for another day.Brilliance such brilliance.


2 comments on “Experiencing the Masala Dosa

  1. Renuka
    March 2, 2014

    Wow the masala dosa looks gorgeous, and the chai too!

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