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Muffin thing


“Muffin thing” from Thoms

You know those things you look at and there’s a story attached to it.Yeah, this is one of those things. You will find it out here in some bakery or the other. I call it ‘Muffin’. No no, it’s not the regular ‘muffin’, actually it’s something else. It looks something like a pie sort of thing and has a sweet grated coconut filling. I know some call it Dil pasand, ‘heart likes’, direct translation there, but I don’t. Anyway, we shall call it ‘muffin thing’ to differentiate it from the “muffin”.

This ‘muffin thing’ is pretty tasty. It comes in a two versions, a flaky crust with a sweet coconut filling and the other is of bread stuffed with again sweet grated coconut. This ‘muffin thing’ has always been in my life. I remember every time we went to my uncle’s house he’d run off and come back with chips and this ‘muffin thing’. That was the best ‘muffin thing’ I’ve ever tasted. He bought it from a bakery somewhere near Davis road .Unfortunately is doesn’t exist anymore. So yes, the ‘muffin thing’ has been around for a while now and while my brain cells brought it to my mind i thought it should be given some space in our food conversations.

"Muffin thing" from Albert bakery

“Muffin thing” from Albert bakery

We don’t know where the ‘muffin thing’ came from and i don’t know its proper name even, but its here. The other day we were talking about the ‘muffin thing’ and the urge to eat it kicked in and it arrived from Thom’s Bakery.Yeah, i go there all the time! The Thoms version is nicely made.In fact, they are the one’s who call it ‘muffin’ but my bill says ‘coconut naan’.Hmm , i still haven’t figured the name. The other picture you see is the ‘muffin thing’ from Albert bakery.This is just wrong.You know, when something is so wrong its right? Yes, that kind of wrong. It’s got this sweet Khoya filling ( very thick condensed milk) and the flaky crust is soaking in ghee or butter , some fat, i don’t know what.Oh my goodness, it tastes so rich and it is good.It’s a very Indian sweet kinda tasting thing.I like it for some reason.If you do dare to try it, do eat it hot or the richness will kill it.Its the different good food.Then comes the version with a minced meat filling.This one is yummy. I don’t have a picture to show you as i ate it without taking a picture and moreover I’ve seen this around only at the time of Ramazan.Really good.And you know what, it also comes with a “bheja” , brain filling.I’m not inclined to the brain meat but if that’s what you fancy you will find it around Ramazan.

All in all the ‘muffin thing’ is nice.I don’t know everything about it but it’s one of those Indian food things that everybody eats and gets no glory.So here I am writing for the ‘muffin thing’.


4 comments on “Muffin thing

  1. Fig & Quince
    February 24, 2014

    looks delectable

  2. Flora
    February 24, 2014

    Tastes delectable too Azita 🙂

  3. dreamzandclouds
    February 25, 2014


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