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Rainy days and Carnival De Goa

Puddles fill Bangalore roads this September. The Sun refuses to shine and the rain refuses to stop. I generally like the rain, but this has gone on for too long. It rained in August and it’s raining in September. There is a whole lot of gloominess in the air and life feels gloomy too.


A faint drizzle

Walking down MG road it was time for lunch. I suggested Carnival De Goa.All I wanted was hot curry and rice, nothing more. Curry and rice I find comforting. No need for a menu, I asked for Goan prawn curry and rice. Within a few minutes it arrived .Hot rice with a hot, both in temperature and taste and a tangy curry. Goan prawn curry has got a different tartness to it which I enjoy. But before I tucked in I remembered I had to share it with you, so I made a quick arrangement of the rice and curry and clicked away. I enjoyed my comforting meal. The Goan prawn curry is made of lots of chilli powder, pepper corns, tamarind or raw mango , onions , garlic, turmeric , & coriander powder ground to a paste, coconut milk and off course fat prawns .I’m sure there’s more to it but kept a secret . A satisfying dish on a rainy afternoon.


Goan prawn curry and rice at Carnival De Goa

Tart and Spicy Goan prawn curry

Tart and Spicy Goan prawn curry

Carnival De Goa is a small restaurant made up of pretty yellow and white walls, table tops made of tile, wrought iron furniture, chips of blue and white tile designs on the floor, pretty lights with chips of coloured glass, Mario De Miranda’s illustrations on the walls, waiters in hats and shirts of coconut tree prints, a tree that almost creeps into the restaurant, a keyboard with a singer, indoor and outdoor seating at a balcony, noise and good Goan food.


This is no fine dining but something of a recreation of a Goan restaurant. It doesn’t completely transport you to Goa but it’s got certain aspects that are very Goan. Like the man singing at the keyboard. He stands there and sings away. Singer singing loud and all, business goes on. On Sundays you might see sights of an entire family, grandmother to baby at the restaurant, something like what you would see in a place like Britto’s on a Sunday afternoon ( a family lunch after church) .As for the food, its homely and good Goan food. My regulars are either the Goan fish curry or the Goan prawn curry. The fish curry comes in King Fish, Mackerel or Pomfret. This must be eaten with the Sannas or the Goan pav. It’s rather nicer than eating it with the rice, much more Goan I’d say. For dessert I stick with the caramel custard, it comes as a slice. It’s been good. Other things on the menu are, the Fish rava fry, Squid in different fry’s, chicken wings and chilli, mutton, beef and Pork starters and they even have Pork Goa sausage fry. Then you have the Thalis. The fish and prawn thali are very reasonable and good. Then the Goan styled curries in fish, prawn, crab, chicken, mutton, beef and pork. And for dessert, they’ve got the caramel custard and even the Bebinca. As you can see you will get your Goan feast out here.


I’ve been to this place a number of times and I like the food at Carnival De Goa.The food makes you feel warm, fuzzy and satisfied. I’d only hope they change the location. Getting there is not the most impressive, it’s at Ulsoor opposite the gurudwara with a bus stop as it neighbor , but then there’s the homely food at the end of it.For those of us who like going out and paying for the home away from home experience it works.


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