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Delightful surprise

I had to make a quick purchase of the food kind and so I dashed off to the Foodhall @ 1MG Road. My visit was to the bakery at which I discovered the lovely orange muffin and the lemon and olive cake. So, we’ve been eating the blue berry muffin and the chocolate chip, chocolate muffin, haven’t we? How about an orange muffin? My first encounter with the orange muffin was delightfully good. It was moist and fresh and topped with what I think was candied orange rind. Refreshingly good.

Orange muffin from the Foodhall @ 1MG Road

Orange muffin from the Foodhall @ 1MG Road

Then came the Lemon and olive cake. I was skeptical given it claimed to be an “and Olive” cake, but, the sound of lemon is always inviting and so I gave it a try. What an excellent cake it turned out to be. The flavors of the lemon and olive came through perfectly .Especially the olive flavor was an absolute surprise. It was baked to perfection. Unfortunately I don’t have a photograph to show you as it was wrapped off to be given to another. Although it looked like a humble round tea cake its flavors were anything but humble. That’s my suggestion for you to try if you are a lover of cake. If you are not lucky to find it on your visit don’t be disappointed as there are definitely many surprising delights for you to try.


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