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Cha bar, our reading cafe

I love the feeling of sitting in a place surrounded by books. It transports you to a different place, like being lost in an interesting novel. Everything else goes silent and it’s only the story that fills your mind.That’s the reason why I like being at Cha bar. This is one of those places that I actually don’t want to talk about because I don’t want it to be found out.But you got to share the good stuff.The peace, the absence of music that usually plays at a coffee shop, the books and off course the tea. It’s a space rather than a place.

I had recently read an article in the Times of India about reading cafés. It spoke about reading cafes in Delhi and Calcutta but forgot about Bangalore. Bangalore too has had a Cha bar since 2003. This is a new idea that needs catching up to, but, we’ve got the book worms and I for sure believe that places like these would do well. It gives a reader or a writer some space, a quiet place unlike a coffee shop. I even like the sound of the term “reading café”. Books, food and beverage go hand in hand, almost comforting.

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I’m a fan of Cha bar. They have so many kinds of teas. For what I’ve had they have been very very good. Their ginger cha and masala cha are my favorites and are excellent. This is some of what they have, flowering teas, organic teas, herbal teas, fruit teas, hot teas and iced teas, some from India and some from different parts of the world. You will find the exotic sounding ones and the local ones too. Whether you want a strong tea or a light flavored tea, Cha bar can take care of your tea needs. They also have tit bits to soak up the tea like cakes, cookies, quiches and other small eats. Cha bar is for somebody who wants space, who wants to read or write. It is not your regular cafe. Also, it matches a portion of the sales of every cup of their single estate Assam teas to preserve the one horned rhino found in Assam. Not only is it an experience but you can make a difference too.


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