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Buzzwords of Gastronomy

People no longer use complete words to communicate. We communicate through acronyms, abbreviations and newly concocted words. Here’s how it’s done. Take a phrase and make it into an acronym, take a word and remove some letters or join some words and make a new one. The result is what we call “buzzworthy”. These “buzzworthy” words have been found so worthy that they have found a place in the Oxford Dictionaries Online. Yes! That’s true. “Squee” Not! I am going to let you in on some gastronomically inclined words.

Blondie – “a small square of dense, pale-coloured cake, typically of a butterscotch or vanilla flavour:cut brownies, blondies, or other sweet squares into very small pieces”

 That’s bearable.

Food baby – “a protruding stomach caused by eating a large quantity of food and supposedly resembling that of a woman in the early stages of pregnancy: a very small bump was visible in the tight frock, although it could easily have been mistaken for a food baby”

Come on! Do we really need this?

Guac – “guacamole: we got chips, salsa, and guac”

It’s one word. Please say it.Say it with me, Guacamole. There, it’s not that hard!

Eggy bread – “another term for French toast”

Why do you want to change that? Let French toast be French toast.

I am not completely against the buzzword. For example, “Street food”, “pear cider”, they make sense, don’t they? But I’m talking about those that are plain annoying and add to the demise of the English language. What happened to impressive communication? Why is there no need to sound appealing? The English language is appealing when spoken and written correctly. People don’t seem to care about language anymore. Care, please care. Remember what you were taught when you learned the English language. Heed to your application that is built to help one communicate with the correct grammar and spelling (warning, it is not always correct), play scrabble excluding “buzz worthy” words, read good books, and stop shortening words according to your whims and fancies. This is just a cry to save the English language from deteriorating further.Please show some care.


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