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Macarons of “The Winking Macaron”

Egg white, sugar, almond flour and butter cream filling are what make the Macaron I hear. I’ve eaten; I figured there’s sugar and that they are of the delicate and delightful kind. My recent Macaron came from “The Winking Macaron”.013 “The Winking Macaron” is a fairly recent patisserie that brings you this light and delightful treat. It is a charming little place tucked away in a little nook under the trees that canopy mosque road. Look for an old white Bungalow near KFC to which it stands opposite or find the Yes bank ATM and you will find The Winking Macaron.

Their macarons come in pretty colors and fillings of the common and the uncommon kind. Dutch chocolate, coffee, star anise, vanilla caviar, peanut butter, green tea, wasabi and passion fruit , to name a few.



Being a coffee lover, their macarons with this filling are definitely my favorite. If you are a little adventurous try the one’s with the Wasabi filling, it’s pretty interesting. You actually get a hint of Wasabi! Another one that was a winner for me was the macaron with the passion fruit filling. It was fruitilicious! I don’t think that’s a word.Don’t be surprised if you find it in the Oxford dictionaries online. Did you hear about the new food related words that have made it to the Oxford dictionaries online? Oh that needs to be spoken about! Anyway, the passion fruit macaron. You bite into it and it’s a burst of fruit flavor. And it came in such a sunny yellow color. Very nice! The “winking macarons” are of the very delightful kind that gives you a light flavorsome sugar kick. You must give them a try. But that’s not all. They have more baked treats, the cheesecake (a dessert not to be found in Bangalore these days), tarts, pies, bread , apple cider and much more. The menu does change and you will find things that sound gourmet on it.013 (2)

My visits to this place have definitely been macaron oriented but the rest is on the cards for me.I also happened to run into the owner Mr Tanmoy Savardekar. Always nice to have a cheerful owner make you feel welcome, as did Mr. Tanmoy (Ex pastry chef of the Olive Beach). It’s a nice little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of mosque road but most importantly their macaron’s are good. Definitely a place to visit.


2 comments on “Macarons of “The Winking Macaron”

  1. Madhu
    August 31, 2013

    Hadn’t heard of this one either! Looks like I need a serious refresher course on the food scene in Bangalore! Have a Macaron post sitting in my drafts folder by the way. Your post just might have nudged it out into the open 🙂

    • Flora
      September 1, 2013

      That’s great! I look forward to reading it 🙂

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