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Nuts about these Doughnuts!

Most of us have special places that we’ve been going to forever. It has become a regular affair and we almost forget how good it actually is.You land up there without much thought and again shop with no contemplation. It has always been good. You go there and you know what you get is going to be good. One such of this kind is the Thom’s Bakery and super market to me.It has been a part of the family as far as I can remember and has been our regular affair. I have heard stories of Thom’s, then (1970’s & 80’s) being called “Thom’s café” and how at that time it was only a café. You would get appams and kurma, idly vada sambar and it even had a Juke Box. It has been around for awhile and even I have stories about it.As a kid I thought they misspelled Thomas as Thom’s only to later understand that it was “Thom’s”. I even recall seeing the same security guard forever now. The same mustache, the same stare, as though we were criminals. But this is about what we got, and how it was always far too good.

Found on Wheeler Road, Sindhi Colony, Bangalore

Found on Wheeler Road, Sindhi Colony, Bangalore

Everything has been good at Thom’s. But one sits right on top of my list, their sugar doughnuts. The round, cushiony, bready, sugar dusted goodness. I’m nuts about these Doughnuts! 159 No frills, nothing fancy schmancy, just goodness. You take it out of the brown paper bag and you feel bakery. Irresistible stuff! Then, you bite into it; the powdery sugar dust coats your lips and drizzles on the surroundings too. Goodness!!!!No talking, just live the doughnut. Trust me, it’s good. Finger licking, lip smacking good! This place has had these doughnuts way before Bangalore knew what a doughnut was. Today we have all these places with different kinds and coatings but none as good as the Thom’s sugar doughnut. If you are lucky to buy it when it comes fresh out of the oven, it’s another level of goodness. I am not exaggerating. It is brilliant .Go try it yourself and you will know what I’m talking about.

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While I am talking Thom’s I might as well give it its due. It has been around since 1970.A Bangalorean’s favorite or at least the neighborhood’s favorite. From Thom’s café to Thom’s Bakery & super market it has been good. This is one of those places that turned into a supermarket even before the coming of chain stores to Bangalore. Bottled olives and “foreign” chocolates adorned their stands before Bangalore commonly spoke about them. It’s got everything food. A supermarket with great produce. You will most definitely find anything you want on their stands and their bakery is simply brilliant. They have numerous kinds of muffins, cakes, tarts, bread and many savory delicious goodness. Oh, and their mutton puffs and samosas. Simply gooood! I have never once been disappointed. Disappointment came only to find the shelves empty of what I wanted. Located near St. John’s and St. Francis Xaviers School, children hover around and devour the bakery goods. It is crowded almost always but these days it is stocked to overflowing. It is like a watering hole and a brilliant one. This is one of those places that remind me I am home. Thom’s will continue to be my regular affair.


4 comments on “Nuts about these Doughnuts!

  1. Madhu
    August 31, 2013

    Must have visited Thom’s a hundred times in the past, but have never tried their doughnuts! Shall make it a point to head straight there on my next trip Flora 🙂

    • Flora
      September 1, 2013

      You must try them Madhu, they’re great!

      • Madhu
        September 1, 2013

        this weekend for sure 🙂 Do they make them fresh?

      • Flora
        September 1, 2013

        Yes they do.Eat them hot!

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