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Today is World Vada Pav Day

Did you know that today is world Vada Pav day? This day is brought to us by Jumbo King, the Mumbai based Vada Pav chain a.k.a. the Indian version of Mc donalds.Jumbo King opened business on 23 August 2001 and decided to christen today as World Vada Pav day.

The Vada Pav or the “Indian Burger” is the quintessential street food of Mumbai. It was sometime in 1970 that the world first got a taste of the Vada Pav. Mr. Ashok Vaidya, owner of a small stall near the Dadar Station in Mumbai invented the Vada Pav. There has been no turning back since. Apparently Mumbai sells around 18 to 20 lakh vada pav’s every day! This off course happens as it serves as a quick meal in itself. Quick, meaning quick to make and quick to eat. No plates and spoons needed. Also it must be attributed to the presence of the vada pav stall on almost every street in Mumbai. It basically serves as a meal to the hungry and in a hurry.

Well, that’s a little bit of trivia but now onto the real deal. The Vada Pav is a light yet satisfying snack. I shall deconstruct it for you. The original version would be something like this. A potato patty wedged between the pav, unsweetened bread. The potato patty is dipped in a gram flour mixture and fried to crispy loveliness. Then comes a powdery garlicky “sand” either sprinkled between the bread, found under the patty or served on the side. And there’s a fried green chilli which you must incorporate in the whole vada pav experience. There are many versions of the vada pav available today. It comes with cheese, different verions of the patty and different kinds of chutneys. As for me, I like the original kind.

Okay, so the vada pav comes from Mumbai and everybody there loves it.We love it too. Bangalore has its share of vada pav. Although it may not taste like the Mumbai ones, this is what we got and this is what we eat. Anyway, make sure you eat vada pav today.


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