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Filter Coffee

This is my first post and without a shadow of a doubt I have decided to yammer about coffee.Bangalore has numerous “coffee shops”. One often finds one too many “coffee shops” in and around their locality. But it is not these that characterize an Indian’s coffee; it would rather be the Filter coffee. Oh yes! Filter coffee, it brings to mind its inviting taste and aroma. This dark elixir is a part of most Indian homes. Having tried and tested many filter coffee products, my favorite happens to be TATA’s Mr Bean filter coffee powder. This ingredient in my life has a story attached to it, just as most ingredients in our lives do. This is my story with TATA’s Mr Bean filter coffee powder. It was many many years ago that I first visited Coorg, during which; I happened to stay at a TATA estate. I must say, it was one of the most beeeeeeautiful parts of Coorg that I have visited. At the time of leaving we inquired if we could buy freshly ground coffee powder. Given that we were at a TATA estate I expected to receive some amazingly exotic ground coffee powder, but what was offered to me was a nicely packaged sachet of Mr.Bean filter coffee powder. I looked at it and remembered seeing it on the shelves of our local supermarkets and decided not to buy. I landed up buying coffee powder from a quaint little shop in a quaint little town in Coorg.Days went by and the coffee powder purchased from Coorg was soon depleting. It was then that I bought TATA’s Mr Bean filter coffee powder for the very first time and my morning coffee has never been the same. This filter coffee reminds me of the coffee that I drank in Coorg, sitting in the veranda of a beautiful old Bungalow to a misty cold morning. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Well, my morning coffees are definitely very dreamy and blissfully delicious!Anybody having a coffee dilemma should give Mr. Bean filter coffee powder a try. This one’s for Filter Coffee!!!!

Now, that’s a picture of Mr Bean filter coffee powder. It’s a whiff of Coorg in a packet.


P.S. Try the filter coffee at CTR , Central Tiffin Room.Words are not enough to describe it.


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